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English Course

LEVEL AGeneral English

General English courses aim at improving everyday English on the basis of the English language main skills: reading, listening , speaking and writing.
Those courses consist of 3 age -levels :
Kids English
Teens English
Adults English

Attractive programmes are designed to each group according to its learners’ needs and ages so that they can fulfill their expectations. All General English levels are aligned to the Common European Framework Reference of levels.

LEVEL BEnglish For exams

International Language Institute -ILI- offers group & individual complete preparation courses for national and international exams supervised by experienced teachers.
All candidates take mock exams before the actual ones so as to get into the real atmosphere of their chosen exams.

LEVEL CE.S.P Regula courses

International Language Institute -ILI- offers a variety of English courses for specific purposes to professionals who need English at their workplace.
English for Specific Purposes courses can be provided for individuals or groups. They are modern and well-chosen to meet the needs of professionals and their institutions.

SPECIAL LEVELConversation Courses

This is the ideal course if you want to listen more attentively, speak more confidently and communicate more clearly. English Conversation Courses will help you improve all aspects of oral communication.

We’ll develop your listening skills to help you better follow and participate in conversations.
You will learn more than stock phrases; we will teach you the language you need to know to speak with greater fluency in a wide variety of situations. We help you work on your speaking skills by encouraging conversation through role-plays, debates, mini-presentations and discussions.

These courses are mainly designed for teenagers and adults in small groups.
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